The Institute of Electronics and Lighting Engineering was established in December 2015 by merging two faculties: Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Faculty of Lighting Engineering.

There are about 1400 students pursuing studies here under the guidance of highly knowledgeable teaching staff. The academic programmes of the Institute of Electronics and Light Engineering have been accredited according to the highest standards by experts of the Association of Engineering Education of Russia with the assignment of the European quality mark EUR-ACE and by experts of the Association for certification «Russian Register».

There are 5 full professors, holders of Higher Doctorate degree, and 45 PhD holders, associate professors manning the departments of the Institute. Leading scientists from other Russian universities and practitioners from domestic electric and light engineering companies work as guest lecturers.

Resources and facilities

The Institute owns curricular&laboratory building, which houses dozens of academic and scientific laboratories, computer classes.

Along with theoretical training in class rooms, students are offered a set of laboratory practicals, which are held at specialised laboratories of the Institute. Information and computer technologies, classrooms with Internet access, multimedia tools are widely used in teaching and learning. Programming languages are used for academic studies and research: Python, C, C++, C#, assembler, JavaScript, Turbo Delphi and others. Professional software - DBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB), machine learning frameworks (Keras), development environments (Visual Studio, PyCharm, PhpStorm), operating systems (Linux), various CAD applications: ASCON Kompas 3D, ASCON Kompas Electric, ASCON Vertical, DIALux, Relux, Matlab, National Instruments LabVIEW and others.

Curricular practical training

Students are commissioned to local regional and federal IT companies, companies developing software; organisations dealing with design of automated control systems in manufacture; design bureaus, organisations specialising in designing communication networks and systems; research institutes, computer centres, computer firms, state and local government bodies, divisions of organisations providing information security of enterprises, companies, enterprises of the electronic industry, instrument engineering, companies dealing with development of industrial electronics facilities, entities of the lighting engineering industry, design bureaus of lighting industry as well as at the Institute departments and laboratories.


The Institute does fundamental and applied research in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, light engineering, light sources, information technology. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students realise their scientific ideas. Since 2022, the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has been functioning on the premises of the Institute. The Institute possesses adequate resources and facilities enabling it to do research at the highest level, run research projects and pursue contract-based assignments.

The Institute offers a number of PhD programmes.

The Institute’ staff and students take an active part in specialised regional, nationwide and international scientific events and exhibitions on a yearly basis.

The international students make ten percent of all intramural students enrolled by the Institute.