The Institute of Mechanics and Power Engineering is a successor of the Faculty of Mechanisation and Electrification of Agriculture, an education and science centre offering fundamental higher education to would-be agroengineers and power engineers, specialists in the field of technosphere safety.
As of today, the Institute of Mechanics and Power Engineering is one of the largest divisions of the National Research Mordovia State University. It has more than one and a half thousand leaners from many regions of the Russian Federation, as well as citizens of countries near and far abroad. The Institute teaching staff is composed of 76 lecturers, including 10 holders of Higher Doctorate degree, 52 PhD degree holders.

Double diploma programme

The Institute offers joint master degree programme in «Heat power engineering and Heat-process engineering», track «Management of energy flows at small power facilities» developed in partnership with the Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (China), and taught in English. This academic programme has been successfully accredited by the state authorities in Russia and China.

Resources and Facilities

The Institute incorporates 10 authorised research and training centres and laboratories, three of which were created in partnership with foreign companies. The Institute boasts branded class-rooms equipped by Rostselmash and PEGAS AGRO companies.
Unique scientific laboratories have been opened, which hold the most advanced equipment. They are:
- Energy-saving technologies for processing raw materials and materials;
- Technologies and tools for creating coatings with given properties;
-  Pulse heat and water supply systems.
In 2022, the Institute launched the Centre for maintenance and high-resource repair of machinery and technological equipment.
The Institute successfully runs 2 small innovative enterprises that deal with repair of domestically manufactured and foreign automobiles, tractors, agricultural machinery. While doing this, the most recent technologies and equipment developed by Institute’ scientists are used.


The Institute research strands are wide and broad-ranging. It has its own Dissertation Board for the presentation of PhD and Higher Doctorate theses in such specialisations as:
- Technology and means of agriculture mechanisation;
- Technology and means of technical maintenance in agriculture.
The Institute offers PhD and Higher Doctorate programmes in six subject- specialisms.