Institute of Science-based Technologies and New Materials (ISTNM) is the university-based science and education centre, which offers tuition by way of integration of learning with research in the field of new materials and advanced technologies.

The Institute was established in October 2022 as a follower to its predecessor – the Institute of Physics and Chemistry, which was founded under the N.P.Ogarev Mordovia State University in 1994 by way of merging the Physics and Chemistry Faculties. Around 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students pursue studies at ISTNM now.

The Institute offers 10 core academic programmes being implemented at all levels of learning (bachelor's degree, specialist diploma (5-year curriculum), master's degree, PhD programmes). The teaching is done by highly knowledgeable teaching staff: 90% have academic degrees and titles.

The Institute has been attaching paramount importance to the competitiveness of its graduates. A high level of fundamental learning allows graduates to adapt quickly to various fields of industrial and scientific activity. They work for high-tech enterprises, research&production facilities and expert structures.

Graduates of the Institute also work professionally in the field of IT technologies. Relevance of environmental problems and development of the expert services system makes graduates of the chemical technology division sought after in the labour market. Radio engineers prepared by the Institute are in high demand in areas related to the use of radio-electronic devices (cellular communication systems, radio-electronic systems, satellite television, radio-electronic security systems).


The main areas of research pursued by the ISTNM departments are related to physical and chemical materials science, photonics, fiber optics, power electronics, the development of new chemical technologies and substances.

The major modernisation of the Institute facilities and resources, carried out during the implementation of the Development Programme of the National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University between 2010-2019, led to a significant increase in the efficiency of the Institute’ scientific and innovative activities and empowered it to realise a variety of projects on commission from industrial partners, to further the publication activity of academic and research staff.

The Institute is home to University centres for shared use of high-tech equipment, namely ("Materials Science", "Electronics and Magnetophotonics"), science and education centres established jointly with organisations of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS):

• High-purity materials and elements of fiber optics and laser technology;

• Physics of modern fiber and solid-state lasers;

• Special ceramic materials for high-tech manufactures.