The Institute of Medicine has been a trustworthy provider of educational services for more than 50 years currently representing a modern science and education amalgamation. The Institute offers a wide range of educational, medical and scientific services, has reliable partnerships with education and science centres in Russia and abroad, government bodies and public professional and medical organisations.

More than 250 lecturers work for the Institute: 41 of them are holders of Higher Doctorate degree and 154 holders of PhD degree, most of them are fluent in English.

The Institute of Medicine offers instruction in 39 licensed and accredited academic specialisms in Russian language.

The Institute is home to 1,500 international students pursuing studies in Russian and English language and representing such CIS countries as Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Abkhazia, as well as numerous Far Abroad countries (India, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Tanzania, Ghana, Chad, South Africa, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Jordan, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Palestine, Algeria, Laos, Ecuador).

Resources and facilities

The Institute owns 5 academic buildings, which accommodate 8 modern educational and scientific laboratories (including laboratories of Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Technology and 4 computer classes). The Institute also incorporates: Simulation centre, Dental clinic, Centre for Advanced Preclinical and Clinical Research of Innovative Medicines, where fundamental and applied research in pharmacology is done.

Classes in clinical disciplines are held at the leading medical clinical institutions of Saransk, granting the possibility of learning in direct contact with patients (clinical cases from practice).

Academic practices and on-the-job practical trainings are held at healthcare institutions of the Republic of Mordovia. International students may opt for the practical training in their own countries. To that end the Institute has concluded several agreements with foreign medical institutions in India, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen. In 2016, the academic programme «General medicine» received the international accreditation from the Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Career Development (AKKORK), and in June 2022 successfully passed the international accreditation from the Russian Register Certification Association.

Graduates of the General medicine programme successfully pass the examination for foreign medical graduates (FMGE), mandatory for receiving license to practice medicine back home.

International students take an active part in University sports events – running races, mini-football, badminton, cricket tournaments, etc.

430032 Russia, Saransk, Ulyanova St., 26А