Three days full of education, new knowledge and successful defense of projects — the VIII Volga region educational camp for foreign students POLIS has completed its work in Penza.Z5YzVTncwTU.jpg
The camp was held from May 19 to 22 at the Chistye Prudy Sports Complex and was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Penza State University. The event is organized by the department of social adaptation and cultural work of the International Education Department with the support of the Association of Foreign Students of the Penza Region. The camp was attended by representatives of 12 countries of the world.PHNgfMHKS8U.jpg
For the first time, not only students from Penza universities — PSU, PenzSTU, PSAU and PGUAS — but also guests from other regions took part in the camp. At the opening ceremony the head of the Department of International Education, Sergey Ivanchin, greeted participants and wished a productive work: «We are very glad to see foreign students from Mordovian State University named after N.P. Ogaryov. I am sure that these three events will be interesting, useful and filled with only good-bright emotions for all the participants.PsY2MRNB2z39.jpg
This year, the camp program included not only psychological training, teamwork and project activities — a special emphasis was also placed on the creative component: a vocal workshop was held for the participants, many master classes, workshops and acting skills.QmZEbzs6eRo.jpg
The end of the camp was the defense procedure. The defense experts were: President of the Association of Foreign Students of Russia Issa Shaabo, Vice President of the Association of Foreign Students of Russia Alsendor Robenson and Chairman of the Association of Foreign Students of the Penza Region Adel Ali Omar Makbol. POLIS brought together students from 12 countries of the world, and the cultural gap and language barrier did not become an obstacle for them.LH7ZyKY7ows.jpg
«Being a foreign student is not an easy task». Our student Hanna Joy said. «New language, food, culture… but our university helps with adaptation to the new life. We are grateful to PSU for inviting us to take part in POLIS and greeted us with such cordiality! The organizers and curators did a great job. Each student was a real bundle of energy and contributed to the smooth and efficient running of the event. We felt like a real international family.» she commented.ZoHxWyinjTQ.jpg