Aruuke Azamatova, a student at the Institute of Electronics and Lighting Engineering, came to study at MRSU fr om Kyrgyzstan, an Asian country with beautiful mountain landscapes, picturesque lakes and unusual tourist routes. Aruuke speaks Russian very well, enjoys dancing and singing, and has been participating in the "Ogarevsky Kolorit «festival of cultures for several years. More details in a friendly interview with Yaroslava Pangaeva.

— Tell us about yourself. What are you studying?

I am a future optical engineer, I like to study various optical devices, instruments and technologies. I learned from my friends in my homeland, Kyrgyzstan, that it is possible to study this specialty at the MRSU. My country is a landlocked country, it has no access to the seas and oceans, but its landscapes are formed by the peaks of the Pamir Mountains, the ridges of the Tien Shan, Lake Issyk-Kul — the seventh in the list of the deepest lakes in the world.

I also enjoy singing and dancing. It’s my hobby. When I was five years old, my mother sent me to a dance school, wh ere I was «immersed» in the world of beautiful choreography, colorful costumes and music. I liked it so much that I’m still into dancing to this day. I prefer to sing, including in the Kyrgyz language, with backing tracks. Singing gives me a lot of positive emotions, I even feel like a real artist.

— You participate in the «Ogarevsky Kolorit« festival. Would you like to share your impressions?

- «Ogarevsky Kolorit» is an opportunity to see the creativity of other people, including to show your own, it’s also a real friendly atmosphere. I have been participating in the festival for the third year, it has become a tradition for me. In 2023 I performed a show with the «Alice» dance group from our university.

— Is it easy for you to study at MRSU?

- It was difficult at the beginning, there were a lot of new and unusual things for me, especially since I came from another country. Now, everything is fine, but if there are problems, I overcome them with a smile and patience.

— We have many foreign students at the university. What advice would you like give them?

- I would advise other foreign students to read more books, to be active and disciplined not only in their studies, but also in their life.

The article was published in the «Voice of Mordovian University» newspaper (No.3 — March 29, 2024).