About us

Mordovia State University is the ancestor of higher education in the Republic of Mordovia. Founded in 1931 as a teacher training institution, it has become a well-known, dynamically developing educational, scientific and cultural centre of Russia by the beginning of the XXI century. In 2010 the University was categorized as a National Research University by the decision of the Russian Government. National Research University is a new institutional form of scientific and educational organization based on the following principles: fundamentality, creativity, permanency and succession, excellence, integration of science, education and upbringing.

The University highly appreciates the status of a national research University, which allows to provide a wide range of fundamental and applied research and to establish profound scientific schools well-known in Russia and abroad, as well as to convey effective technology transfer, to develop and implement programs of higher education, including programs for training highly qualified personnel (residents), research and educational research personnel (postgraduate students), as well as the doctoral training programs. The University sees its mission in promoting the ideals of freedom and democracy solving the tasks of the Russian society modernization.

The University as a community of scientists, professors, personnel and students encourages the spirit of academic freedom and high level of corporate culture.

The University aspires to integration into the global system of higher education and international space of research and proficiency, still sustaining the best traditions of the Russian educational system.

The University shapes and supports the aspiration of scientific and pedagogical staff and students for constant renewal of competence, their intellectual and social activity, their inspiration to serve the Society, their awareness of the responsibility for the future of Russia.

The target state of the University in the perspective till 2030 is based on the main value – the uniqueness and inimitability of every individual.

The Values of the University are:

1. Sustaining traditions, we receive the risks of changes and advance for the better!

2. We cherish the uniqueness of each individual and support their initiative and entrepreneurship!

3. We take global change as an opportunity for scientific and socio-cultural development!

4. We generate new knowledge and make it available!

5. We provide socio-economic growth through the networked partnerships synergy!

6. We advance the University by using digital technologies!

7. We shape and build on local strengths!

8. We are result-aimed in any initiative!

The Strategic principles of the University development in education, science, innovation, education, infrastructure and administration are as follows:

Integration. Incorporating the University into the regional agenda of the progressive development and continuous upgrading of the quality of life.

Purposefulness. Achieving the advanced positions in science, education, innovation and social development.

Perspective. Working out coherent institutional and infrastructural conditions for breakthrough innovation projects implementation.

Interdisciplinarity. Supporting the "core competencies" through the mechanisms of the intercultural teams formation.

Intellectual elitism. Advanced development of the intellectual capital, recruiting specialists with the best practical competence from the world leading universities and industrial companies.

Openness. Maintaining the University Management as an open system, introduction of the networked forms of collaboration and cooperation, emerging crowdfunding platforms.

Responsible trust. The University Management system with open architecture and autonomy necessary for the inter- and suprafaculty structures development.

Prioritization. Transition from frontal to point-by-point accentuated support of projects development.

The University activities are based on multi-channeled financing, on increasing the efficiency of the use of material, information, financial resources and human capital.

The University intends to maintain and reinforce its status as the leading institution of higher education in Russia and conforming to the image of a world-class scientific and educational center.

Approved by the resolution of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "N.P. Ogarev MSU" academic council. (No. 8 dated 24.05.2022)