The History and Sociology Institute today:

  • a dynamically evolving humanitarian education and science university centre with innovative potential;
  • a highly qualified teaching staff;
  • prestigious and sought-after specialisms;
  • reputable schools of thought (research groups);
  • rich traditions that are preserved and multiplied for the glory of the higher education of Russia.

 In 1934, the academic specialism «History» was opened at the Mordovian State Teachers Training Institute. Under this Institute there was a Faculty that at different times bore such names as History-Philology, History-Geography and just History Faculty. In 1994, by the order of the Rector, the History and Sociology Institute was established as a successor to the Faculty of History.

The research efforts of the History and Sociology Institute has been formulated at different times by such domestic scholars as M.D. Smirnov, D.I. Vasiliev, M.G. Safargaliev, N.N. Molin, G.I. Merkushkin, A.V. Kleyankin, P.D. Stepanov, L.S. Gordon, A.I. Sukharev, L.G. Filatov.

The director of the History and Sociology Institute is Nikolai M. Arsentiev, holder of Higher Doctorate in Historical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Institute has 6 Chairs/departments.

The Institute curriculum covers and offers prospective students such academic specialisms as:
  • History 
  • Teacher Education
  • Psychology
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Social work
  • Theology

There are master degree programmes in the same areas of academic preparation. The learning is carried out by a highly professional teaching staff. It includes 1 corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 22 holders of Higher doctorate degree and 44 PhD holders of sciences.