Dear international students ! We inform you that Academic Year (2023−2024) at MRSU, officially starts on 1st September.

We remind you that the admission committee for foreign applicants (fee-based tuition) for the 2023−2024 academic year began its work from May 25, 2023. For admission to study at MRSU (paid tuition), foreign citizens need to pass entrance examination.

Admission to the university will be possible only after the formation of the list of applicants. The list of admission requirements, the minimum number of points for each entrance examination, information about the priority of selection criterion here

Key dates and deadlines
  • The deadline for completing the acceptance of documents is August 14.
  • Entrance examination — July 19 — August 19.
  • Publication of the list of applicants — August 21.
  • Completion of the acceptance of the original document on education — August 24.
  • The release date of the admission to the university is August 25 (the date of publication of the last order on admission to the university is indicated).

How to apply?

Step 1. To register in your Personal Account;
Step 2. To submit the necessary documents through your personal account;

Apply online here
Admission rules here

Admission office for international students:
39, Bogdan Khmelnitsky Str., Saransk, Russia
Tele: +7 (8342) 24 79 51