GRADUATION CEREMONY FOR INTERNATIONAL MBBS STUDENTS On July 04, 2022, Institute of medicine held a graduation ceremony for foreign students-batch 2017 in DKI. More than 100 foreign students have successfully graduated from MRSU with a degree in «General Medicine». An incredible atmosphere reigned in the place.
DSC_6934 копия.jpgThere were mixed feelings of joy and quiet longing for the bygone student days, which the graduates had just begun to realize. Calls to parents in a trembling voice, tons of hope for a happy future, so much sadness because of the upcoming leave from Russia, which has already become their second home, and parting with their friends, with whom they spent all 6 years of study side by side.
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DSC_7025 копия.jpgOn this day, the guests of the event wished the graduates to achieve great professional success, to move further in their experience and knowledge, and to carry relationships and friendship through all their lives.
DSC_7405 копия.jpgThe graduation ceremony was attended by MRSU Rector, Vice-Rector for International Affairs Dean of the Institute of Medicine and a number of guests from India.
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Congratulations guys ! ! Graduation isn’t the end of a tough journey. It is the beginning of a beautiful one. Start each day believing in yourself and watch the magic happen.