Meet Ting You, a Master’s student from China .In this interview, he shares insights into his heritage, and the highs of being an international student

- How did you learn about MRSU?

When I was admitted to Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, I was told about the exchange program between Chinese and Russian universities, and particularly the cooperation between JUS and MRSU. I decided to participate in this program, especially since I have first-hand knowledge of Russia.

Harbin is my hometown. In 1898, this city was established by workers and immigrants from Russia, and for many years, it was the most populous Russian emigration center in Asia. In the city, you can find many attractions linked to Russia, including Stalin Park, the Volga estate, and St. Sophia Cathedral, which is the largest surviving Orthodox church in modern China. Since my parents have traveled to Russia multiple times, they permitted me to go and study here.

-Why did you choose the Institute of Mechanics and Energy?

It is easier for engineers to find work in China due to the high demand for them. Our country doesn’t have many universities that focus on technology.

After completing my studies at the Institute of Mechanics and Energy, I am interested in exploring the art field. After completing my studies at the Institute of Mechanics and Energy, I am interested in exploring the art field. Being an actor was my childhood dream. I am confident that more education will not harm, but rather enhance one’s life. China has a well-developed film industry, and the theater festivals are impressive. It’s worth mentioning that Harbin is the place of birth for over a dozen Chinese actors. The Harbin Opera House is something I truly love. Intricately curved buildings with excellent acoustics are the city’s center of attraction for visitors and residents.

-Is it difficult to study at our university?

The problem is my knowledge of the Russian language, my language skills are limited, which makes it difficult for me to communicate with the students and friends from MRSU. English helps, but I’m also trying to learn Russian. In China I have studied Russian for a year.

— Do you have any hobbies?

- I am interested in basketball and fitness. Going to the gum at MRSU is something I love. I wish MRSU students sporting victories!