2024−2025 ADMISSION

The admission campaign will start on June 20, 2024 on the university website: https://mrsu.ru

If you want to apply, please follow the link below where you will have to register: https://p.mrsu.ru/Account/Register. At register link, switch to English and create your own personal account within the University online system.

There is only one way to apply. Once you are registered, switch to English again. On the left in the menu click «Submission of documentation». Click the green square «Подача заявления на поступление в ВУЗ или отзыв заявления» (Applying for admission to a university or withdrawing an application), follow the short green line «Заявление на поступление в ВУЗ» (Application for admission to the university). Then fill in the application form, attach necessary documents: application form, passport and school certificate/diploma degree with notarized translations in Russian (Consular Legalization/Apostille if necessary), then wait for confirmation.

After submitting the application, your application is considered (check the status of the application in personal account), the university will send you a training contract and a receipt for payment of training.

When your application is approved, monitor your personal account on the menu «Онлайн-встречи» («Online meetings»), a link to the online exam will appear there a day before the exam starts.

Visa invitations are issued only to enrolled students, and the enrollment is made after paying 50% of tuition fee. The invitation will be ready within 50 days and will be sent by e-mail or by personal account.

To know more about prices, go to:https://mrsu.ru/upload/iblock/610/ufo90b3atb8z81zpr31itnb6qnnj1i27/690-ot-04.06.2024g.-Prikaz-ob-ustanovlenii-stoimosti-obucheniya-na-2024_2025-uchebnyy-god-_1-kurs_.pdf

Medical insurance: 5000−7000 RUB per year

Educational visa fee: 1600 RUB per year