On the portal of the Aggregator of independent assessment of higher education published the the sixth edition of the National Aggregate Ranking (NAR), which included 686 Russian universities. MRSU entered the TOP 25 universities of the Premier League.

The national aggregate rating is formed based on the results of 12 ratings: national ranking of universities — Interfax, ratings «First Mission», Assessment of the quality of training","International recognition", «National Recognition», RAEX university rankings, Hirsch index ranking, according to performance monitoring data, based on the results of professional and public accreditation, Forbes, Superjob and HeadHunter ratings.

Compared to last year, the percentage of universities included in the Premier League decreased from 6.4 to 5.8. However, MRSU only strengthened its position in the league.

«Presence in the National Aggregated Ranking is very valuable for our university, because it includes analysis of several important rankings at once. This means that in many respects we are not only catching up, but also ahead of many local and federal universities. Again this proves that in order to get a quality higher education, it is not necessary to leave the regions to study in the large cities. And the entire staff of our university is working precisely in this direction: we are convinced that more schoolchildren from the republic should stay here to live and create many things in Mordovia. But, of course, we are also waiting for schoolchildren and students from other regions and countries,» emphasized the Rector of MRSU Mr. Dmitry Glushko.

For the sixth year, the ranking combines the independent assessments of universities in Russia providing a single scale for assessing the institutions. According to experts, the NAR allows universities to compare their results, stimulates competition between universities, and encourages them to strive to improve their educational and scientific offerings.