The University opens two more Dissertation Boards
The State Сommission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation has endorsed the opening of two Dissertation Boards on the University premises.

By virtue of this decision the University will soon open the Dissertation Board in the subject specialism titled «Technologies, machinery and equipment for the agro-industrial complex (technical sciences). The First Vice-Rector, Professor Petr V. Senin will be appointed the Chairman.

Another Dissertation Board will be opened jointly with Stolypin Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University and Samara State Agrarian University in the subject-specialism «Animal pathology, morphology, physiology, pharmacology and toxicology (veterinary sciences)». Olga Bushukina, Professor of the Сhair of Morphology, Physiology and Veterinary Pathology, will be designated the Deputy Chairwoman.

«The opening of Dissertation Boards will definitely raise the effectiveness of PhD programmes, especially for those who reached the final stage and ready to present their PhD or Post-doc theses. It is also a bellwether of scholar schools i.e. established research groups in the above-mentioned specialisms,» commented the First Vice-Rector.