On March 27th, a delegation of MRSU and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (Zhenjiang, China) conducted a business trip. During which, several important decisions were made, such as including the establishment of Russian-Chinese Institute, a joint laboratory based on the two universities and obtaining consent to conduct research on the the laboratories basis in Jiangsu University.

The delegation of MRSU included Mr. Anatoly Lysyakov- the head of the scientific research department, Mrs. Irina Kazeeva- the head of the international relations department, Mr. Evgeny Nuyanzin — the director of the Institute mechanics and power engineering, Mr. Alexei Stolyarov- the director of the Agricultural Institute, and Mr. Anton Golyanin — the teacher of the Department of Thermal Power Systems.

At the meeting, the parties discussed the development of cooperation between universities, taking into account the long-term successful cooperation. During the negotiations it was decided to create a joint Russian-Chinese Institute, which can include at least 7 educational programs:

-«Heat power and heat engineering» (bachelor's, master’s, postgraduate studies);

-«Chemistry, Physics and Mechanics of Materials» (bachelor's degree);

-«Radio-electronic systems and complexes» (specialist);

-«Electronics and Nanoelectronics» (Bachelor's degree);

- «Infocommunication technologies and communication systems» (master's degree);

-«Philology» (bachelor's, master’s);

-«Technologies of production and processing agricultural products».

Classes in the designated areas will be held in English by teachers from Mordovia and China. As an exception, the educational program «Philology» will be conducted in Russian.

The expected number of students from China is around 1,000 students. Each student will be able to receive two diplomas at once for the same period of study (two diplomas upon graduation). The conclusion of an agreement on the establishment of the institute is scheduled for 2024, and the first intake of students will take place in 2025.

In addition, at the meeting, it was agreed to establish a joint laboratory «Small Scale Electricity Generating» on the basis of the Institute mechanics and power engineering of MRSU and the Institute of Energy of Jiangsu University, funded by Chinese government.

The main directions of the scientific research were also outlined, and here we can refer to the agreement signed between the Marine Equipment Research Institute of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Architecture and Construction of MRSU in the field of creating radiation-protective and radio-absorbing materials and coatings.

During the negotiations, consent was obtained to conduct research in the field of energy at the laboratories of the Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. The scientists of MRSU will be able to use the base of the Chinese University for three months in order to expand joint research. In the process of training, undergraduates prepare a thesis with a research bias.

On the other hand it should be noted that since 2016, a double-degree master’s program has been implemented in the educational program «Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering «between MRSU and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. Students from Russia and China are recruited into the group, the first year of study takes place in China, the second — in Saransk. At the moment, the graduates of the program are more than 60 people who, during their studies, published 56 articles together with leading Mordovian and Chinese scientists, and received 12 patents. The program has state accreditation in both Russia and China.

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology is one of the qualified universities that enroll overseas students in China. It has established relationship on exchange and cooperation with many universities and institutions in Russia, United States, UK, Australia, Ukraine, India, Japan, and France, etc.