INDIAN DELEGATION VISITED MRSU In the last recent years, MRSU has trained Indian residents and every year the number of Indian students grows. On the 6th of April MRSU was visited by a delegation fr om India included, Mr. Manish Jaiswal — a well-known blogger on education abroad India’s, Dr. Kumar Dharmendar, Dr. Amit Vaddoriya. The guests were interested in how the educational process for Indian and international students was organized.
The delegation began its activities with a morning visit to the Institute of Medicine, wh ere they got acquainted with the departments of the institute and accompanied the students in their lectures and practical lessons. The delegation members received a full explanation about the departments' activities and the system by which international students are dealt with, especially those coming fr om Ukraine in the past few days.

The program of the visit also included a tour around the Institute campus. The guest had an opportunity to see classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, the rooms of the Accreditation and Simulation Centre with modern equipment.


The delegation also visited the Аanatomical Museum and was briefed on the unique contents in it, which allow students to learn more about pathological conditions and anatomical shapes.


The delegation then moved to visit the University’s Center for Advanced Medical Innovation and listened to a detailed explanation of the nature of the center’s experiments and the achievements that have taken place recently.

In the second part of the visit, the delegation moved to the main building of the university, wh ere they visited the observation deck of MVRS where the beauties of the city can be viewed at day time (the deck is on the 17th floor and fully glazed) and listened to a wide explanation about the landmarks and history of the city and the surrounding buildings.

Of course, it was necessary to visit the University Museum on the first floor, where the delegation heard a summary of the life of the university’s founder Nikolai Platonovich Ogarev.

In the course of their visit the participants of the delegation met Rector Mr. Dmitry Glushko, and Vice-Rector for International Affairs Denis Filetkin where the blogger, Mr. Manish Jaiswal had a short interview with the Rector, who in turn answered a number of important questions related to the activity of international students at our university, and other scientific and practical fields of interest to students who wish to join our university in the future, especially Indian students.


At the end of the visit, and accompanied by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Mr. Denis Filetkin, the delegation was briefed on the ongoing preparations for the inauguration of the Russian-Indian Center in the Agriov Arena.

The participants of the delegation rated the University facilities highly and were satisfied with the conditions Indian students studied and lived in.