A CELEBRATION OF NOWRUZ 2023- WAS HELD AT MRSU A celebration of Nowruz was held at MRSU. International students from Tajikistan Ecuador, China, Uzbekistan, India, Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, Nepal, Nigeria, Jordan Algeria, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Iran, Angola, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco and Kazakhstan performed their folk songs and dances and introduced the audience to the traditions of greeting spring and the New Year by the solar calendar.

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The celebration of Nowruz at MRSU began with a speech by rector Mr. Dimitri Glushko in which he congratulated the students on this holiday and wished them a new year full of joy and happiness. Vice-rector for International Cooperation Affairs Mr. Denis Vladimirovich also congratulated the students and confirmed the university’s keenness to participate in this annual celebration.


The celebration of Nowruz continued with an exhibition of national dishes. Students also presented traditional dishes that are customary when celebrating this holiday. All of those treats they cooked themselves.


International Day of Nowruz celebrated every March 21 is a highly significant and anticipated global New Year holiday occurring on the spring equinox, ringing in the arrival of spring and symbolizing rebirth and renewal of nature.

The United Nations' holiday declared on March 21, 2010, also known as ‘Nauryz,' ‘Navruz,' or ‘Nowrouz' translated — ‘new day,' dating back to at least 3,000 years is amazingly celebrated by over 300 million people worldwide. However mainly in Iran, Afghanistan, the Kurdish regions of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, India, and throughout Central Asia. The Nowruz Day festival aims to promote values of peace, friendships, and harmony, uniting humanity across the globe.