The RAEX agency has published the subject rankings of Russian universities in 2024. The ranking combines the independent assessments of universities in Russia providing a single scale for assessing the institutions.

The MRSU university has been ranked as one of the best of the best in the following areas :

  • «Architecture» second place.

  • «Engineering and construction technologies» first place.

  • «Electricity and heat power engineering», fourth place.

  • «Land Transport Engineering and Technology» third place.

  • «Economics and management» second place.

  • «Linguistics and Literary Studies» eleventh place.

  • «History and Archaeology». eighth place place.

In total, 170 universities from 43 regions of Russia entered the list of the best in 2024, and this year the number of subject areas has increased to 36.

Subject rankings are based on an assessment of the university’s three missions that are used to evaluate education, science, and social value. The rankings show which universities provide the best educational and research training of students in a particular subject area, taking into account the contribution of the university to social development.

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