«NATIONAL COSTUME DAY» АТ MRSU On April 17th, students from different countries and nationalities gathered at our university to celebrate the «National Costume Day». It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the various traditions and cultures that originate from different countries around the world. The students were invited to wear the traditional clothing of their home lands and cultures.
Since MRSU hosts students from 54 different countries MRSU, the university administration decided that every third Monday of the month everyone is allowed to arrive at the university in clothes that reflects the uniqueness of their country or region. The opening ceremony was attended by students from 13 countries: India, Georgia, Yemen, Laos, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Chad, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Russia. Everyone demonstrated their national costume, and Russian students sang Mordovian songs and presented the Moksha, the Erzya and the Tatar costumes.
«In order to preserve cultural heritages, and to harmonize interethnic and interfaith communication among our university community, we have done this! We are in a dialogue between cultures!» — said the rector of the MRSU Mr. Dmitry Glushko.
During the day, the faculties and institutes of the university held some activities dedicated to the Day of the national costume: at the Faculty of Philology — a master class on Mordovian folk dances, at the medical institute — the quiz «Guess the national costume by the element «, at the institute for agrarian studies — a competition for the best folk dish, and at the economic institute — a master class on creating folk Mordovian jewelry.