On Saturday, April 8, about 100 international students took part in «TruD»: Total Dictation Russian Language Test. Total Dictation is an annual international education action focused on literacy and promoting the Russian language which is native to more than 150 million people. The project brings together people of different ages, nationalities and professions who like Russian and wish to test their literacy.

In 2016 a special project appeared within this event for foreign citizens called TruD. Before this, they also took part in the dictation, but under the general conditions, and it was therefore much more difficult for them. Participating in this event, foreigners receive a chance to not only test their knowledge, but also study Russian culture through language.
It is important to note that the exam is not considered competitive among students, but rather an important event for foreign students to prove their love and interest in the Russian language and culture.

For both Russians and international students, the dictation offers a chance to feel engagement in the international academic space and supports intercultural communication. Now, Total Dictation is stepping on to the international stage and is being held in China, Austria, Germany, and many other countries.