For the third time RAEX Agency has published subject ratings of Russian universities. The list of the best includes 170 universities from 43 regions; MRSU is among the leaders in 4 areas.

The subject ratings are based on an assessment of the three missions of a university — educational, scientific and social. These ratings aim to determine which universities offer the best educational and research training in a given subject area, while also taking into account their contribution to social development. It is important to note that the ratings are based solely on objective indicators and do not rely on expert surveys for their evaluation.

When compiling subject rankings, statistical data from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, bibliometric data providers, organizers of student competitions «I am a Professional», the system of monitoring and analysis of media and social media SCAN-Interfax, aggregators of online courses, Informer Technologies data on website traffic, as well as data from YouTube, Telegram, VKontakte were analyzed.

Our University is represented in the following subject areas:

- Geography: 17th place (for the first time in this field!);

- Construction: 14th place (16th place in 2023);

- Energy, power engineering and electrical engineering: 16th place (18th place in 2023);

- Biotechnology and bioengineering: 17th place (16th place in 2023);

- Agriculture: 6th place (in 2023 — 12th place);

- Veterinary and livestock science: 12th place (11th place in 2023).

More information about the ranking you can read here